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Anahata Yoga Teachings


Nada (sound) Yoga & Chakra 50hr Yoga Alliance Immersion 

The 9th - 15th of June, 2023 at Finnskogen, Norway


We will invite you deep into the serene forest Finnskogen, where we will explore the power of Sound through ancient Anahata Yoga Practices.

We will dive deep into the teachings, philosophy and most importantly the practices of sound through; chanting, singing, many voice activations and sound healings.

The sound will lead us through its endless vibration into the chakra system where we will get to know the chakras, their frequency, qualities and learn different chants, mudras, movements and practices to release stuck negative emotions stored in each center. Emotions such as fear, guilt and grief can and will most likely sneak up on all of us at times when we least expect it, and we might act on it from a habitual pattern of fear, the famous "what if" mindset or sadness. We might not even know "why" we do this and this is why we will be working with regression through breathwork as well as inner child meditations.

This Immersion is for anyone and everyone that is interested to immerse themselves in Nada Yoga (the yoga of sound) and all its healing and transformative benefits.

Learning how to use chanting in our asana practice, as well as in Meditation, Ceremony, Yoga Nidra and Yoga Nyasa. 

As well as for those who already have a passion for sound and want to learn how to facilitate this and create their own offerings. And of course for those who want to put 50 hours to their Yoga Certificate with Yoga Alliance. 

As much as this is a Training, it is also a healing and freeing Journey for your Heart, Mind and Body. As the frequency and vibration truly affects everything. 

And if you after reading this feel some resistance to open your voice and share it with others or even with yourself, it is definitely a sign that this is for you!


We will come together as Team of Heart Yogis that have explored, transformed and developed a very unique relationship with sound,

let us introduce them: 


Bella has apprenticed with Peter Clifford for two years, diving deep into the Anahata Philosophy and its many practices.

And during this week Bella will be sharing her passion for Nada Yoga and will be guiding through its wisdom into the depth of your Heart and Voice. 

Katrin has been sharing her love and passion for Anahata Yoga since 2017, and on her journey found the importance of allowing her voice to open, and to heal from the use of her voice. She will share an open and loving space for you to explore your voice through different settings, allowing the voice to be as it is in every given moment. 

Chris will be sharing his gifts through Heart Songs, Fire Pujas and Ceremony, as well as through the scientific aspects of healing through sound and frequency.

He will show you how sound can quieten down your mind and open doors to the inner voice. 


For more information and questions please don't hesitate to contact us on: , or book directly at

We hope to have you there with us on this heart, voice, and mind opening journey,


With Love 

Hari Om Tat Sat 


Bella, Katrin & Chris 


2023 Anahata Yoga Teacher Training 


We can't even express our excitement about announcing our upcoming 200hr Anahata Yoga Teacher Training,

taking place October 19th - November 16th, 2023 at Nøsen, Norway


The North is calling us and we hope it is calling your Heart too!

As Nosen will be holding such powerful space for us during this month. The winter wonderland will allow us to go inside and look into the inner world, through living the Yogic path, Observing ourselves and finding the wisdom within. Through dedication, motivation and compassionate, loving discipline, we will show up to our true Divine Potential.


The question is, Are you ready to take the leap?

Because we can assure you that there is no time like now. That now is the time to step into your Heart.

We want to take you on a transformational journey of self discovery as we explorethe Heart of Yoga. Anahata Yoga. 



What is Anahata Yoga?

"Anahata" is Sanskrit for Heart / heart center, and just as it sounds, it is a heart-opening Yoga Practice that helps you explore who you are and your true Divine potential! 

Yoga meaning Union - Union with Your Heart, and for this we practice Love. Learning to love yourself exactly as you are. Without expectations, nor conditions. 

Learning to truly honor and respect yourself, because everything starts with you.

And from  there we can live in more ease, from a grateful Heart and a creative, peaceful Mind.



Who is an Anahata Yoga Teacher Training For?

It is for anyone that is curious to explore their own unique potential. It is for everyone that wants to become their own teacher as well as for those who dream about sharing their unique gifts with the world as Yoga teachers, or facilitators in one of the many aspects of Yoga through the heart to the heart. 

And if you would like to discover your unique gifts, this is a beautiful and transformative way to do so. 


This training will take you on a journey deep into the heart as well as preparing you to go out and share, spread the ancient teachings and practices of Anahata Yoga in one of the many many ways. It might be through Movement, Mediation, Breath-work, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Nyasa, Sound, Meditation, Circles, or through it All. 

The importance is that you will have found your way. By exploring and discovering what practices work best for you, and it will become very clear what it is that you want to share.



The Team

This Teacher Training we will come together as a Team, Peter Cliffords Apprentice Earthling Bella, together with the Anahata Yogini Katrin and Alchemy of the Heart practitioner Chris.


Bella -  After Bella’s Heart surgery, came the real surgery. The inner work of opening her Heart. Opening her heart up to Love and to Life. 

There was nowhere to hide anymore and the only way out was in. And that was when she meet her teacher, the Anahata Yogi Peter Clifford. Then and there it became loud and clear that after just a few classes, Anahata Yoga as a lifestyle was calling her back Home to her Self. This was what she was looking for, the way back home to her heart was through her heart and clearing away all that clouds the heart. 

Bella apprenticed to Peter for two years, diving deep into Anahata’s ancient philosophy and all it’s practices. Re-learning, un-learning, discovering and rediscovering the path of the Heart. She experienced Yoga as a lifestyle that made the unattainable become attainable, as she explored more and more of her true and innermost potentials that were hidden in the core of the heart. First having to purify the heart and the mind, making the heart pure enough to witness Spirit.

The yogic tools helped her to reconnect, come back home, and rid herself of limiting beliefs and other mental prisons that had been created. 

After her two years by the side of Peter, there was no other thing she wanted to do than to share the Magic of Anahata Yoga from her own personal, life changing experiences. And that was when she truly came to Life. When she got to share this with others. 

She is especially passionate about Heart to Heart practices and integrating the Heart Medicine of Cacao into Anahata Yoga Practices as well as working with all the Pancha Koshas (the five sheaths of human existence). Bella will guide you into the depth of your Heart, where you will be able to open many doors and explore your true, Divine Potential. Where you will find that inner freedom, happiness and pure Joy. 

”Let the way of the Heart shine through”



Katrin - Through her curiosity Katrin discovered the path of yoga in her backpacking years, studying the world as a wide open book. In 2017 she met her teacher Peter Clifford, and finally understood, not with the mind, but with her heart that yoga is in fact a lifestyle. A way to Live. Anahata Yoga has led her on a path of self discovery and healing. A path where she could discover the inner world instead of the outer world. And there she found the true power of her voice. In order to find her authentic self, the power of her voice had to be Open, known and Loved for just what it was, as it was. She dived deeper into Anahata Nada (Sound) yoga. It took her on a journey of releasing the judgement of good or bad, right or wrong, her voice transformed and became calmer, more steady, more her. She allowed herself to sing her heart out, and this led her on a path of healing old wounds and traumas.

Yoga is so much more than what meets the eye and what we do on the mat. Bringing the Anahata yoga philosophy into all aspects of life, she found the courage and confidence in being vulnerable. She found the true beauty in her voice. It was a doorway into her truth. 

During this Yoga Teacher Training she will take you on a journey through Anahata Nada Yoga, the Yoga of Sound and encourage you to bring all of yourself, your truth, your heart and your unique voice, just as it is. It is all welcome. It is all there inside of you, wanting to be seen, discovered and known. From your heart to your voice you can change one person at a time. 

”Find your inner voice, and bring it to life”



Chris - Has always been a curious being, Living with his heart wide open and mind ready to receive new knowledge from every corner of creation. He read one book after another, as well as letting every person be an open book, showing him the many ways of Life in human form. He wanted to understand the world. Not necessarily the outer world, but more so the inner world. The universe within, that carries all the wisdom. And so, Yoga became a way of going in rather than out. 

After 10 years of practicing different kinds of Yoga, he came across Anahata Yoga and could finally see the whole universe in himself, he could connect the dots. 

The path of the Heart started to bring life to all the teachings he had came across earlier in his life, it all started to make sense on a deeper level. Through the Heart to the universal heart he had found his way of living Yoga. During this Training Chris will share his passion and studies of science, neuro-linguistics programming & history and show you how they go hand in hand with the ancient teachings of Anahata Yoga. He will take you through an ”Ahaa” journey day after day, as he will be guiding you through the scientific connection between the Body and the Brain. Showing you how modern science is rediscovering the ancient wisdom of Yoga.

”Let the Mind become the husband of the Heart” 



Peter Clifford - Will be sharing his love, passion and ancient wisdom through weekly Q&A sessions via zoom.

Peter, also known as Premananda “supreme Joy and Love", will give you just that. Through sharing endless stories, ancient practices and from giving you what you least expect. What is magic to us is knowledge to him. And we are very happy that his presence will be with us during this training. 


Each of these Facilitators have found their own way of sharing and spreading Wisdom. 

As Anahata Yoga, just like everything else is constantly growing and evolving, we have put our hearts together.

To show you that there are many different ways to share and create. And that together we become so much more.


People ask us why we practice this style of Yoga,

We practice Anahata Yoga to free ourselves from the suffering that the mind creates, and to come back home. Home to ease. To pure Love and harmony within. 

Because with a free mind and an open heart, you will be able to create the life of your dreams.

This style of Yoga truly makes you graceful as a dancer, and strong as a warrior in body, mind and Heart.



What a Day will Look Like  

- 6:15 - 7:30 - Five Element Form +  Meditation and/or Pranayama 

- 8:00 - 9:30 - 90-min Anahata Yoga Class

- 9:30 - 11:00 - Breakfast

- 11:00 - 1:00 - Session 1

- 1:00 - 4:00 - Lunch - This will give time to do assignments, eat and relax 

- 4:00 - 6:30 - Session 2

- 6:30 - 8:00 - Dinner

- 8:00 - 9:00 - Evening Activity (not every evening) 


***Every week includes a teaching day and a Day off, where we will offer activities such as Hikes, sauna, Ice Baths. Or just time to relax and Integrate.



About Anahata Yoga 

Anahata Yoga is a very unique, powerful and graceful style of traditional Hatha Yoga and is known as the "Dance between Shiva and Shakti". 

Shiva; the conscious awareness of the mind, joining together with Shakti, the kundalini Shakti energy residing in the base of your body. 

As they join together in your heart, the home of your spirit. The center of balance, love and compassion. 


This dance helps you create inner balance and interplay, as well as understanding how everything is connected. The understanding of who and what YOU are.


Because we humans are such an amazing network of cellular intelligence, energy, thoughts, emotions, electrical currents, organ actions, hormones, nervous systems, tissues, blood and lymph flows; All these elements are interactive and can be transformed through this Yoga practice. 

We focus especially on the internal aspects of Yoga: organ cleansing, nervous system, circulation of lymphatic fluid and blood, as well as the release of Limiting patterns of behaviors, psychic knots and pranic (energy) blocks to enable you to achieve your true potential. 



What we will be covering during this training?

We believe that we are made out of The Pancha Koshas, the five sheaths of human existence. And Yoga meaning Union, we want to join them together.


Therefore we practice Asana - for the physical body.

We will be sharing Anahata Asana Classes, to stretch and strengthen, both body and mind, and create ultimate physical balance. 

As well as Yoga Therapy to release tension and restrictions from the whole body. And also, a very important practice in the Anahata Yoga Tradition is: The Five Element Form, a purifying, more gentle practice where we breath and move every joint in our body. 


We will be practicing Pranayama  - for the energy body.

We will be guiding you through different types of Pranayama/breath-work, as we explore the 4 aspects of breathing and the importance of breath. How life changing this can be; to start to breathe like your life depends on it. Because it does! And you will start to understand that the quality of your breath determines the quality of your life.


We practice Yoga Nidra - for the mental body.

Yoga Nidra means Yogic sleep, and with this technique we are able to go deep into relaxation for both body and mind. As we travel into theta and sometimes even delta brainwaves. Here the mind is very open to suggestion and this is where we can start to reprogram, rewire our minds, also known as: NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) in the west. 

We will be sharing lots about how to make our brain grow, as well as really getting to know our monkey mind. 


We practice Nada Yoga, Mantras/Chanting - for the chakra body.

We will share Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound, woven into all the other practices. As well as chanting circles and the power of healing through sound, through Bija (seed) mantras, your own vibration and voice.

Together with some more voice activations, Kirtans, Sound Healings and Pujas. Here we will also get to know the major chakras and the Nadis (energy centers) 

in our body. 


And we practice Meditation - for the bliss body, the soul.

Our 3 core meditations are Gratitude, Forgiveness and Heart Opening, but you will come to experience with us that there is a meditation for everything. 

For every situation, every feeling and state of mind. 


Through these practices you will receive the tools to become the Divine Creator of your own life.  

As you will be able to purify your mind and reconnect with who you are. 

It will bring you healing and teach you the art of truly living life with an open Heart.



Your Investment in the Training

The cost of the training is dependent upon room type & occupancy.

  • Group Room (3 to 4 persons) - 43,500 NOK (roughly €3,900)

  • Shared Room (2 persons) - 53,500 NOK (roughly €4,750)

  • Private Room (1 person) - 65,500 NOK (roughly €5,820)

Save money by coming with a partner or friend and booking a private room for two people (email us for pricing information) 


What this includes:

    - Daily Yoga, Pranayama & Five Element Form Classes

    - Yoga Philosophy, Mantra, and Meditation daily

    - Yoga Nidra & Yoga Therapy

    - Advanced study of Asana and Pranayama

    - Learn anatomy and physiology for yoga

    - Teach your own classes during the training

    - 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate

    - 3 Vegetarian meals a day

    - 27 nights' accommodations


A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your space. This amount is applied to the total cost of the trip.



We ask you again - Are you ready to take the leap? And help heal the heart of the world? 

Starting with yourself. Choosing to join with yourself and open your heart to yourself without any expectations, nor conditions.

As we practice Love, unconditional Love. 

Learning how to remain strong in this Love and then share it with the world in your unique way. 


Here is the video that shows in more detail what practices we will be focusing on during the training,



For more questions about this YTT, please contact:




Hari Om Tat Sat 



The Heart Yogis 

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